Financing Services


Acquiring the right loan for your new manufactured or modular home is an essential step toward its purchase. But, the options available to buyers of factory-built housing can seem limited and confusing. Don’t worry—we’re here to help. National Homes is proud to offer you convenient, flexible financing resources right here at our dealership, and we can guide to the one that works best for you.

The Right Loan for Any Purchase


Also known as a Conventional Mortgage, a Land/Home loan offers buyers many advantages for purchasing a manufactured home and land together. This type of loan offers a convenient front-end one-time close, and site improvements can be financed into them. These loans are available for single- and multi-section homes. You won’t need to pay Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI), and you may be able to buy down your interest rate as well. In addition, no permanent foundation or survey is required. You may qualify for longer loan terms, and closing costs and points can be financed into your loan, reducing your out-of-pocket closing costs.


Also known as Land-In-Lieu, this type of loan enables you to use equity in land you own in lieu of cash for your down payment. Up to 65% of your land's appraised value may be credited towards your required down payment, and no survey or permanent foundation is required. Fees, closing costs, and site improvements can be financed into your loan, reducing your out-of-pocket expenses. Also, Private Mortgage Insurance is not required. When you're all set, a one-time close at a title company keeps closing costs to a minimum.


At National Homes, it’s goal to do everything we can to make your home buying experience as easy and convenient as possible. This means that in addition to helping you acquire financing on your new manufactured or modular home, we can also help you find land or a lot to place your home on. Whether you’re looking for the perfect property to settle into or a lot in a vibrant community, our relationships with local real estate brokerages and manufactured home communities enable us to help you find a spot you love quickly and easily.